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ZWP Ingenieur-AG
Planning and monitoring in the areas of building services and
facility-related environmental protection; facility management

Laboratories and institutes

New construction research center Jülich GmbH

Project data

Customer: Heinle Wischer Gesellschaft für Generalplanung mbH, Berlin

Client: Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH

Architect: Heinle, Wischer und Partner Freie Architekten, Berlin

Net costs, building services €: 1,800,000.00

Project period: 2007 until 2010

Services: Planning and monitoring, sanitary systems, sprinkler systems, heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems, Cooling systems, electrical and telecommunication systems, building automation systems, ground pipes

The building is a 2-story flat-roofed structure with utility rooms on the ground floor and equipment rooms on the 2nd floor. It is used for housing of small animals (mice, rats, rabbits). Animal housing is partly in conventional facilities and partly in clean rooms (SPF areas).

All materials brought into SPF areas either have to pass through an H2O2 sluice or be treated in a mobile autoclave (for steam-heating and steam-sterilization). Persons enter the SPF area via air locks and air showers.

The sanitary and changing rooms, for men and women, are located in front of the SPF area. A scullery, with storage space for animal feed, cages and spaces for deliveries and disposal (which spaces have their own access from the outside), is located in front of the access to the conventional animal housing facility. The staff entrance is connected to a separate area that comprises a reception area, three offices and a lounge for animal keepers.

Images: © Solveig Böhl (ZWP Ingenieur-AG)

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