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ZWP Ingenieur-AG
Planning and monitoring in the areas of building services and
facility-related environmental protection; facility management

Facility management

With our building / facility management (FM) services, we offer a comprehensive range of tools for keeping facilities' technical systems up and running properly and for adapting them to changing organizational requirements. The result is optimal operational management that enhances facilities' cost-effectiveness.

Energy and facility management

  • Monitoring of energy consumption with respect to forecast levels; optimization of system controls
  • Preparation of energy and facility studies for optimizing energy consumption
  • Review and optimization of terms for energy supply
  • Consultation relative to facility maintenance

Facility management / outsourcing

  • Planning of operational structures, and definition of requirements for facility management
  • Estimation of future facility usage costs
  • Planning and inviting tenders for operational FM services; assistance in making relevant awards
  • Checking of services provided by external contracting partners

Documentation / information processing

  • Establishment and coordination of a standardized documentation system during the planning and construction phases
  • Assessment of existing facilities, and preparation of documentation for existing facilities
  • Definition of requirements for IT systems
  • Consultation in connection with system selection

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