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ZWP Ingenieur-AG
Planning and monitoring in the areas of building services and
facility-related environmental protection; facility management

Lighting design

The focus is on people

Light plays a key role in architecture. And lighting systems have an enormous range of important functions, from practical to esthetic. Lighting systems should support safety and energy efficiency – and they should create the right atmosphere. In sum, a building's lighting systems should always serve the physical and emotional well-being of the people who use the building.

ZWP Ingenieur-AG's lighting planning department plans and designs optimized lighting systems based on energy-efficient, cost-effective and esthetic lighting concepts. We use both daylight and artificial-light designs as necessary, and we are completely independent in our planning – we are not tied to any specific products or manufacturers.

Our interdisciplinary, in-house team includes lighting specialists and specialists in lighting-related areas. Our customers thus receive their complete planning from one source, which ensures that all communications and coordination take place smoothly, for all project participants. And we are able to support our customers in any and all planning phases, from initial idea and design to light-quality measurements in completed structures.

Needless to say, all of our planning conforms to all applicable current DIN standards and workplace guidelines.

Our service categories

  • Office buildings
  • Shopping centers
  • Museums
  • Industrial plants
  • Facade illumination
  • parking-area lighting


Messe Essen

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Renderings: © SOP Architekten

Hauptbahnhof Münster

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Renderings: © DB Station&Service AG | Grafiken + Skizzen: ZWP Ingenieur-AG

Fraunhofer Institut ISC Bayreuth

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Rendering: © Kister Scheithauer Gross | Grafik + Skizze: ZWP Ingenieur-AG

Wohn- und Pflegezentrum Havelland GmbH, Nauen

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Foto + Grafiken: ZWP Ingenieur-AG

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