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Sustainability-oriented construction

DGNB Certification

ZWP Ingenieur-AG is a member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB – deutsche Gesellschaft für nachhaltiges Bauen). With certified auditors, we support the process for certification of your buildings in keeping with the DGNB's holistically oriented standards. DGNB certification is an especially useful tool for planning and assessing buildings oriented to sustainability principles. A second-generation certification system, DGNB certification is based on holistic, performance-oriented consideration of buildings' entire life cycles. It takes account of quality in all aspects and areas of sustainability-oriented construction:

  • Ecological aspects
  • Economic aspects
  • Socio-cultural an functional aspects
  • Technical aspects
  • Planning and implementation

Three different grades of certificates are awarded, for three different degrees of conformance with the applicable defined standards: platinum (> 80%), gold (> 65%), silver (> 50%) and bronze (> 35%, only for existing buildings). We support projects throughout the following phases of the certification process:


  • At a very early planning stage, and working together with the building owner and the planning team, we determine what certification level can be expected, in light of the basic concept of the building owner / investor.


  • In cooperation with the building owner and the other parties involved in planning, we prepare a comprehensive catalogue of objectives, relative to the sustainability criteria for the DGNB quality label.
  • Then we work out and fill in the necessary details, submit the documents to the DGNB and carry out the work necessary to obtain a pre-certificate.


Once a building has been awarded a pre-certificate, it is required to undergo full certification following its completion.

  • We support the relevant planning process and, working closely with the building owner, ensure that the relevant defined objectives are achieved. We provide any necessary additional training for planning and implementation personnel, and we support the documentation process.
  • At the conclusion of the process, we compile all pertinent documentation, and support the DGNB's awarding of the final certificate.

read more: www.dgnb.de

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