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Planning and monitoring in the areas of building services and
facility-related environmental protection; facility management

Sustainability-oriented construction

Energy-saving measures

Energy-saving measures - CO2-neutral buildings

Energy-saving is compatible with our high quality of life! Our CO2 emissions, currently at about 13.3 tons per person and year, are in the upper range of emissions for industrialized countries and can certainly be reduced at no cost to our standard of living.

Measures to save energy and use renewable energies are our central focus.

We carry out studies that identify potential for saving energy. In some cases, savings can be achieved via very small investments.

Efficient energy-supply concepts pay off in terms of energy savings and lower costs – for existing buildings, renovation and new structures alike.

Thermal energy consumption levels of some 150 kWh per m² and year are not unusual for existing structures. The new buildings we build today have consumption levels of 30 - 40 kWh per m2 and year.

Similarly high energy savings can be achieved by optimizing artificial lighting systems. Energy savings of up to 50% can be achieved through:

  • Use of "intelligent" control and regulation strategies
  • Centralized switching off of lighting systems
  • Installation of presence detectors

Our motto with regard to energy saving is "think globally and act locally".

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