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ZWP Ingenieur-AG
Planning and monitoring in the areas of building services and
facility-related environmental protection; facility management

Sustainability-oriented construction

Energy-supply concepts

Our guiding vision for the future: "zero-energy", CO²-neutral buildings

We have established a new department, Innovation, for the express purpose of finding the best energy concepts for each construction task. The new department focuses solely on optimizing concepts for energy supply, air conditioning / ventilation and lighting, always with a view to practical achievement of the ideals of sustainability and the "zero-energy" building. The department also carries out the company's many energy-related simulations, including simulations of entire buildings, building systems, lighting systems, airflow, etc..

Our Innovation department participates in sponsored architectural competitions. Its successes in such competitions show that the concepts we are developing elegantly meet modern demands for energy / resources efficiency and climate protection.

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