Making visions come to life, and working together to shape a bright future!

We want to work together, as a team, to make a difference. So we are always looking for people who are creative, ambitious and able to think a step ahead of the game. At ZWP, you have all kinds of opportunities to apply yourself and your skills – regardless of whether you are still completing your studies, are a recent graduate or already have relevant professional experience.

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Working at ZWP

Our vision - Working Together to Shape a Bright Future. To achieve this vision, our employees bring great commitment, a strong sense of responsibility and lively team spirit to the solution of complex problem. More

Your pathways to ZWP

Would you like to become part of our team? We welcome talents in all career phases. We offer positions for experienced professionals, traineeships, education, student degree theses and internships. More

Job offers

We offer you a wide range of career opportunities. Here you`ll find an overview of our current job offers. More

Services for you at you

The basis for positive, fruitful interaction consists of teamwork, transparency, open communication and mutual respect. To work toward and achieve a common goal, people need to understand and apply these principles. In keeping with our interest in people with this orientation, we offer you attractive packages throughout your entire pathway through your company.More