Services for you at ZWP

Support for employees`development and growth

ZWP supports all its employees in their efforts to reach achievement and career goals. The key elements of this support include regular communication and exchanges, between our managers and our employees, characterized by mutual trust and respect. At regular intervals, employees take part in performance appraisal interviews that include both the employee's immediate superior and a personnel officer. In such interviews, the participants jointly consider the employee's own perspective in light of the company's requirements, and they outline pathways for the employee's further growth and development within the company. By highlighting such pathways, the interviews lay a foundation for effective, and professional, career planning and development. Ongoing training also plays an important role in our personnel development. ZWP provides such training through a range of channels, including in-house instruction, in-house seminars guided by external experts, departmental discussion groups and external training programs. ZWP offers a well-established training program, with seminars, that is regularly expanded and updated. Various individual further-training opportunities complement the general training program. ZWP strongly supports its employees' ongoing learning ("lifelong learning"), and it does so as a direct outgrowth of its own focus on the market's ever-changing requirements and ever-growing competition.

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Umweltbewusst mobil – Fahrtkostenzuschuss

Wir sind bei dem Energiedesign unserer Gebäude mit Herzblut bei der Sache, wenn es um Klimaneutralität, Ressourcenschonung und Nachhaltigkeit geht. Daher ist es für uns selbstverständlich, dass wir Sie bei umweltbewusster Mobilität zu unterstützen. Die dauerhafte Nutzung des Öffentlichen Personennahverkehrs fördern wir am Standort Köln mit einem bezuschussten Jobticket und an unseren anderen Standorten in Deutschland mit einem gleichwertigen Fahrtkostenzuschuss. Wenn Sie beruflich bedingt für einen Einstieg bei ZWP Ihren Wohnort wechseln und Ihren Lebensmittelpunkt in eine andere Stadt verlegen müssen, unterstützen wir Sie gerne finanziell bei den Umzugskosten, insbesondere dann, wenn Sie bei der Wahl Ihres neuen Domizils künftig für die Fahrt zur Arbeit ausschließlich auf den ÖPNV, das Fahrrad oder gar den Fußweg zurückgreifen können und somit einen positiven Beitrag zum Umweltschutz leisten.

Company pension scheme and employee shareholding

As an employer, we give great priority to ensuring that our employees are financially secure and can look forward to a secure retirement. Company pension schemes are now an important, established part of overall social security. Such schemes, along with statutory pension schemes and employees' own private pension provisions, are an important "pillar" of overall retirement income. For this reason, we support our employees in building pension capital, within the company, that can be disbursed when employees reach retirement. Our employees also have a range of options for deferred-compensation plans that can help safeguard their standard of living during retirement and any disability. ZWP subsidizes employees' pension-fund payments with contributions of up to 40% – in keeping with employees' total periods of employment and chosen forms of insurance. In addition, we offer our employees the opportunity to become shareholders of our company. As soon as they have been with the company for one year, employees become entitled to purchase shares of ZWP Ingenieur-AG during the next available subscription period for shares.

Occupational safety and health protection

Your health is your most valuable asset, and thus we seek to work with you to protect and enhance your health. As part of this orientation, we offer you a range of health-oriented services in addition to the legally required equipment and services such as "personal protective equipment" (PPE) and the G37 occupational health checkup, the "Eye test for people working at computers" ("Sehtest für Menschen am Bildschirmarbeitsplatz"). For example, we offer generous subsidies for purchases of any needed special computer glasses (for reducing eye strain), as well as free annual flu vaccinations. For all employees throughout the company, we provide fresh fruit and various types of still water and sparkling mineral water. We also provide kitchenettes for preparation of hot beverages. All such amenities are provided routinely and at no charge to our employees.