What we offer you

The basis for positive, fruitful interaction consists of teamwork, transparency, open communication and mutual respect. The better people know each other, the better they understand each other. Understanding means to acknowledge the individuality of every single people. We support the compatibility of working life, private life and familiy life by offering flexible work time. To work toward and achieve a common goal, people need to understand and apply these principles and life should be in balance.

A mentor for a good start

A basis for long and successful cooperation is created right away when a person joins the ZWP workforce. That basis is created through a mentor. Every new employee is assigned a mentor, a person who provides guidance and support throughout the employee's first months with the company and helps the new employee "learn the ropes" as quickly as possible. With the mentor's assistance, the new employee learns about the company's structures and procedures, and becomes a full-fledged member of his or her team, much more quickly than would otherwise be possible.

Support for employees`development and growth

ZWP supports all of its employees in their efforts to reach achievement and career goals. Communication between our managers and employees, communication characterized by mutual trust and respect, is one of the key elements of our efforts to promote our employees' growth. In addition, appraisal interviews are conducted with each employee at regular intervals. Along with the employee himself and the relevant superior, the participants in such interviews always include a representative of our human resources department. In such interviews, the participants jointly consider the employee's own perspective in light of the company's requirements, and they outline pathways for the employee's further growth and development with the company. By highlighting such pathways, the interviews lay a foundation for effective, professionalized employee development and career planning. The building blocks for employee development include continuing-training programs. ZWP's approaches in this area include internal knowledge-sharing; exchanges of experience in specialists' discussion groups; in-house seminars with external experts; and participation in external training programs. ZWP strongly supports its employees' ongoing learning ("lifelong learning"), and it does so as a direct outgrowth of its own focus on the market's ever-changing requirements and ever-growing competition.

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Company pensions

As an employer, we give great priority to ensuring that our employees have a secure financial future, also during retirement. Company pension schemes are now an important, established part of overall social security. Such schemes, along with statutory pension schemes and employees' own private pension provisions, are an important "pillar" of overall retirement income. For this reason, we support our employees in building pension capital, within the company, that can be disbursed when employees reach retirement. We offer a range of different implementation pathways in this regard, and thus our employees also have the opportunity to opt for deferred-compensation plans, to help safeguard their standard of living during retirement and in any disability. ZWP subsidizes employees' pension-fund contributions with contributions of up to 40% – depending on employees' total period of employment and insurance preferences.