Working at ZWP

Our Vision – Working Together to Shape a Bright Future To achieve this vision, our employees bring great commitment, a strong sense of responsibility and lively team spirit to the solution of complex problems. Every single member of our staff contributes to the success of all. We thus place great priority on offering a working environment in which each person can apply and develop his or her talents and actively espouse our company culture. Trust, tolerance and mutual respect are the factors that strengthen our "we" spirit. The basis for positive, fruitful interaction consists of teamwork, transparency, open communication and mutual respect. The better people know each other, the better they understand each other. Understanding another person includes recognizing and accepting his or her individuality. People can achieve shared goals only when they understand and apply these principles.

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Achieving our vision, in a wide range of different working areas

Currently, over 400 persons work at ZWP Ingenieur-AG. We have a total of eight locations: a main location in Cologne, and office locations in Berlin, Bochum, Dresden, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and Wiesbaden. At ZWP, teams from many different departments, and with many different types of expertise, work together interdisciplinarily. As a result, we are able to plan and provide the full spectrum of engineering services relating to technical building services. Our Innovation Department, founded in 2009, focuses especially on the areas of climate protection, sustainability, energy optimization and certification of buildings. Large and medium-sized international projects are managed by our "International" office location.

A mentor for a good start

When a person joins the ZWP workforce, we act right away to create the basis for a long and successful collaboration. The entire ZWP team helps him or her to adjust to and integrate fully into the new working environment. In addition, each new employee receives the support of a mentor, a person who helps guide the employee through his or her first months with the company. With the mentor's assistance, the new employee learns about the company's structures and procedures, and becomes a full-fledged member of his or her team, much more quickly than would otherwise be possible. For example, mentors give new employees a "starter package" with all kinds of useful information about the ZWP workplace, available resources and things to note in their first weeks at ZWP. We also offer our SharePoint, a central platform via which you can quickly contact all colleagues at ZWP, directly access all training materials and other resources and navigate throughout the ZWP organization. We place great priority on effective communication. During your trial period, we ask you to take part in two feedback interviews. The aim of these interviews is to support you, as a new team member, in integrating within our organization.

Working time, flextime and vacation

ZWP bases its relations with employees on trust, and thus our staff don't "punch the clock." You work on a flextime basis. You decide when to arrive for work and when to leave, and when to take your breaks – all within the framework of the currently valid Working Hours Act (Arbeitszeitgesetz). Our regular weekly working time is 40 hours, on weekdays from Monday to Friday. Our flextime framework allows you a variation range of plus / minus 30 hours per month. We offer you an extra measure of compensation time to enable you to balance your work with your private and family responsibilities and needs. And if your life circumstances change, or if you simply wish to change them, we'll work with you to restructure your work time accordingly. In addition to full-time positions, we offer variable part-time arrangements. With this policy, we wish especially to serve the needs of our female staff and support them in juggling their professional and family responsibilities.

Work sites and resources

At ZWP, we place great priority on offering modern, ergonomically sound working environments. We want to offer you the best possible working conditions. Consequently, we always use high-quality equipment and systems and efficient, user-friendly software. We furnish all the necessary tools and equipment – such as laptops and cell phones – you need in keeping with your function and position. Our IT department is well-staffed and highly qualified, and it is available to you, on a daily basis, to provide any type of IT support you require. A fleet of company cars is available for work-related road travel. If you need to travel regularly by train, on the Deutsche Bahn network, we will purchase a BahnCard rail network card for you.

Events and recreational services

At ZWP, we believe in getting to know one another and in building mutual understanding; that is an essential part of our philosophy. From time to time, we like to support this process by providing a relaxed atmosphere away from our work facilities and desks. So we maintain a tradition, in cooperation with our employees, of holding social events. These include Christmas parties, at all our locations, as well as company outings and sports activities. Our "ZWP days" are major, two-day events that bring employees from all our locations together at a central location in Germany. For each "ZWP days" event for all our "extended family," which now numbers more than 400 members, we plan and organize an upbeat program full of variety and surprises. The schedule of events also includes a company run in Cologne, foosball (table soccer) tournaments in the ZWP Café, lots of informal barbecues and much more. Because we respect our employees' individuality, we neither require nor expect our employees to participate in such recreational activities outside of working hours. Nonetheless, we are happy to support activities generously!


We place a very special priority on promoting our young and developing employees. Our employees are ZWP's most valuable asset, and we do everything possible to attract and keep good employees. Cooperation with universities, universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulen) and vocational academies plays a central role in such efforts. Many of our experienced employees also teach, on a part-time basis, and thus have regular classroom contact with young staff and potential staff. We also enhance our presence in training and education centers by participating in local informational events. Many of our working students and student interns report that they first came into contact ZWP well before they joined our staff.