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BIM Building Information Modeling


As the complexity of construction projects has grown, use of building models has been playing a more and more important role in the planning and construction of building services and systems. And for some years now, a strong basis for software interoperability in this area, which is known as Building Information Modeling (BIM), has been available: the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) object-based basic data model.

BIM processes are commonly divided into the categories of "little BIM" and "big BIM." The former refer to smaller-scale solutions used within a single-phase or single-discipline framework, while the latter refer to solutions used throughout an entire range of planning and construction processes.

Since 2011, ZWP Ingenieur-AG has been using a BIM framework that includes 3D modeling throughout design phases and linking of building systems/services designs and their pertinent calculations. In projects in which the entire ZWP team is involved, ZWP uses interdisciplinary "big BIM" in its planning.

Recent discussion about BIM has shown that a common understanding of what BIM actually is is often lacking. This has convinced us of the need to communicate our views on the BIM process, and on what we aim to achieve with it in projects. A key question that often arises in connection with specific projects has to do with the main purpose of the data in the model: improving the planning process, facilitating inspections by internal and external inspectors or supporting the future operation of building systems? We welcome the opportunity to discuss these aspects with our clients and to support them in relevant decision-making.

ZWP Ingenieur-AG is an active member of the relevant working group of the AHO (Committee of the associations and chambers of engineers and architects for fee regulations) and of the BIM working group of the VBI association of consulting engineers.

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