Our vision: Working together to shape a bright future.

The following five points sum up how we fulfill this vision, together with our customers:

  1. We understand each customer's specific requirements. For each customer, we carry out innovative planning of the very highest quality, on the basis of the customer's specific requirements.

  2. We accept responsibility for future generations. In all of our construction projects, we develop holistic concepts for facilities with minimal energy requirements – nearly zero, zero or even "negative" (net energy generators).

  3. We are proud of our work. We are capable and committed – committed to our customers and to each other.

  4. We are a preferred partner. Our experience, independent competence and close proximity to our customers give us the edge.

  5. We think and act with a long-term, holistic perspective in mind. Success for us means sustainable success.

We plan our projects with innovative, user-friendly systems and methods, including 3D planning. In all project planning, we always include a low-energy-requirements plan, as a proposal. We consistently apply quality assurance concepts, to assure maximum quality. We continually develop our staff, with encouragement and ongoing training, and our various locations always stay in close, productive contact with each other. Our local offices keep us close to our customers and to our projects. Our project managers bring our specialists together with our customers and always ensure that both sides understand each other.