Energy design

Making buildings climate-neutral and renovation to energy-efficiency

Our economies need to become climate-neutral within the foreseeable future (by 2050). Concrete objectives in this regard have been defined internationally. New buildings erected today normally have useful lifetimes of 50 years and longer. As of 2020, all new buildings in the EU have to be virtually climate-neutral with regard to their energy performance, i.e. including the energy performance of their heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting systems. In existing buildings, the new standards have to be implemented, in the framework of energy-oriented modernizations, by 2050 at the latest.

Our energy design services, provided by our multi-disciplinary team of specialists, address these challenges. We at ZWP-Innovation have a passion for construction-sector progress in the areas of climate-neutrality, resources conservation and sustainability. At the same time, we never forget that buildings need to serve their occupants. They need to provide comfortable spaces for living and working, and they need to be cost-effective in operation. These different basic criteria define the framework for our energy concepts, which we develop and verify with the help of dynamic building and systems simulations, and implement with the help of our extensive experience. In keeping with our aim to serve a diverse range of clients, including building owners, architects and building users, we take a multi-disciplinary approach. Logically enough, therefore, we are a diverse team comprising the following different types of specialists:

  • architects
  • building physicists
  • engineers for technical building services
  • engineers for sustainable energy supply systems

Our multidisciplinary team of experts has extensive expertise and experience relative to the entire life cycles of real estate properties (cradle to cradle ®), and to all issues related to materials cycles. As a result, we are able to produce requirements-conformal energy designs for new buildings and renovation projects – and to provide customers and their planning teams with effective strategies for making all phases of real estate properties' life cycles as climate-neutral as required and/or desired.

The areas in which we work:

  • master planning
  • investment properties
  • new buildings
  • renovations and modernizations

Our competencies

  • energy-oriented master planning of investment properties
  • energy concepts for new buildings
  • studies relative to energy-oriented modernizations of existing buildings


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