Technical and financial controlling

Do you need a second, independent and competent opinion regarding your project? Then our technical and economic controlling services are exactly what you need. They can assure the success of your project.

Our controlling services are provided by highly experienced employees who are also responsible for specialized quality assurance. They work collegially with the specialist planners you have chosen. With quality assurance measures, we review compliance with the agreed project aims, for all services phases.

In early phases of preliminary planning and design planning, we intensively consider alternatives, for chosen systems and equipment, from economic, energy-efficiency and design-based perspectives. Via a holistic approach oriented especially to overall cost-effectiveness, we then take all results to the decision stage.

In support of such work, we can prepare an economically and energetically useful planning foundation that can serve as a guide for further planning. To this end, we prepare energy concepts, taking account of sustainability criteria (as well as other "green building" criteria, if required) and current legislation (German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV); German Renewable Energies Heat Act (EEWärmeG)). We then validate all results with the help of simulations.

During other planning phases as defined by the HOAI fee schedule for architects and engineers, we review specialist planners' services on a sample-check basis. All results are documented in report form, and discussed with the responsible specialist planner(s) in a spirit of amicable dialogue, and any required changes are defined by mutual agreement.

Significantly, in addition to reviewing planning and descriptions, etc., we also focus closely on cost calculations.

Because we have been involved in a great many completed projects, covering a great many different types of uses, we are able to assess virtually any project requirements and review relevant plausibilities. In particular, in reviewing implementation planning, we ensure that all maintenance groups are properly coordinated, and that agreements relative to the bearing structure and the fitting-out of the building are free of contradictions and in conformance with defined quality criteria.

As providers of technical and economic controlling services, we function as consultants and as guardians of your project aims. Working in partnership and constructive cooperation with specialist planners, we carry out this function not in a spirit of "we know it all," but of "together we can do it better."