Customer satisfaction is one of our main aspects

We aim to please you. Satisfied customers are the foundation for our success! We see ourselves as partners and consultants for our customers. We translate their wishes and preferences into plans and tenders that precisely reflect their requirements. We thus place great priority on high-quality planning that leads to solutions that are of high quality and are technically reliable – and that reflect a true understanding of what our customers are trying to achieve. In each case, we meet with the customer to discuss his requirements in detail, including such details as desired comfort levels, security requirements, individualized control options, functional parameters, long-term sustainability and, especially, the cost framework and desired construction schedule for the facility in question.

Solid planning plays a key role in producing solutions that can be completed on schedule and within budget. As part of our planning, we confer proactively with our customers and planning partners to ensure that all planning steps and decisions are able to dovetail smoothly and harmoniously. During the implementation phase, we draw on over 30 years of experience in supervising and monitoring projects, and we apply our continually improving instruments for a) monitoring costs, schedule compliance and execution quality, and b) supporting commissioning and approval processes.

Our ZWP quality assurance system is certified pursuant to DIN ISO 9001. Since 2010, the firm of VdS has regularly confirmed its effectiveness. The process documentation required under DIN ISO 9001 is not enough to meet our own strict standards, however. On the basis of that standard's prescribed processes, we have developed an additional, in-house quality assurance system that assures excellent quality in all phases of planning and construction. For this system, we have established a highly qualified team that works full-time on ensuring that our in-house, technically oriented quality controlling is carried out comprehensively on all projects – and that our own work processes are continually improved. We are proud to report that our customers have been rewarding these efforts, with their trust and with their repeat business.