Lasting quality assurance for your building

With active monitoring of a building, one can achieve the following aims, on a lasting basis: proper (desired) functioning of building systems, high user satisfaction and minimized energy consumption. Without active monitoring, operational inefficiencies can begin to take hold, leading to higher operational costs and dissatisfaction on the part of users. Such inefficiencies can often remain hidden for long periods of time.

We gladly support you in preparing and implementing a monitoring concept. We also carry out monitoring for you, as a service provider. In the first two to three years after a building is commissioned, our intensive, expert monitoring and fine-tuning of building systems provide the basis for lasting, optimal systems performance. Thereafter, building operators are often able to carry out monitoring themselves, to maintain the standards achieved in the initial monitoring period. As a further service for building operators and managers, we also set up central, automatic digital displays – "dashboards" – that provide a comprehensive range of building information.

Our monitoring services include:

  • Preparation of measurement and monitoring concepts
  • Installation of trend recording and databases
  • Processing and analysis of trend data
  • Identification of optimization potential
  • Adjustment of systems
  • Installation of monitoring software
    1. Installation of automatic data collection
    2. Installation of highly informative "dashboards" (digital displays)
    3. Generation of reports
    4. Provision of web-based software with web-browser access
  • Support for, and advising relative to, building operation, also after the above-mentioned two years of following commissioning

Monitoring Example: Groundwater daily value / value per hour

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