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Our experienced engineers develop innovative, sustainable solutions tailored to the specific requirements of our customers. We are a leading engineering bureau working in the field of building services and facility management, and we find effective, efficient ways of making building services environmentally compatible. For over 35 years, we have supported our customers, as an independent planning partner, throughout all phases of their projects – from initial project idea to reliable implementation and cost-effective operation. With 8 locations throughout Germany, we are always close to our customers and their projects.


In der aktuellen tab Ausgabe ist eine umfassende Bauanalyse zum Projekt "Kaiser-Wilhelm-Museum in Krefeld" publiziert worden. Das Thema: "Generalsanierung mit klimatechnischer Ausrüstung".

In Kooperation mit der Firma Avalance arbeiten die ZWP-Experten aus dem Bereich der Gebäudeautomation an einem gemeinsamen Forschungsprojekt. Ziel dieses gemeinsamen Projektes ist die Realisation...

Die Architekturbüros Eicke Becker Architekten und Hadi Teherani Architects haben gemeinsam den 1. Preis beim internationalen Wettbewerb "Headquarter National Iranian Gas Company, Teheran" gewonnen....

Im Verfahren zum Neubau eines Verwaltungsgebäudes in der Lagerhausstraße in Aachen ist der Wettbewerbsbeitrag von gmp Architekten mit dem 1. Preis prämiert worden. Die ZWP Ingenieur-AG stand den...

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With a workforce of over 350 at eight locations within Germany, we are currently among the leading engineering offices for technical building services. More


Our experienced engineers support you as independent planning partners and develop intelligent, innovative solutions for technical building services. More


Whether you are an experienced engineer, a beginner, a student or a pupil, we offer you a wide range of entry-level opportunities in our company and continually support your career. More


Since 2015, ZWP Ingenieur-AG and BPR Dr. Schäpertöns Consult GmbH & Co. KG provide comprehensive engineering services. More


Since 2011, ZWP Ingenieur-AG has been using a BIM framework that includes 3D modeling throughout design phases and linking of building systems/services designs with their underlying calculations. More


We want to create not only quality-assured and technically reliable solutions, but also ensure that we have really understood the requirements and wishes of our customers. More


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