Porsche Pavilion, Wolfsburg | Germany

Customer: Dr. Ing. h.c.F. Porsche AG, Autostadt GmbH

Architect: HENN Architekten, Berlin

Net costs, building services €: 2,910,000.00

Project period: 2011 until 2012

Services: Planning and site supervision, sanitary engineering, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, cooling, electrical engineering, communications engineering, building automation systems, conveyors

The Porsche Pavilion nestles within the artificial lagoon landscape of Wolfsburg's Autostadt complex. With its wave-shaped exterior, a seamless hull of low-reflecting steel sheeting, it seems almost like a sculpture. The building's appearance changes constantly, under the influences of weather and shifting light. An all-black interior picks up the exterior's theme of change and movement. An elliptical ramp leads to a sunken presentation area that is bathed in light and projections when new Porsche models are introduced.

The technical concept applied by ZWP Ingenieur-AG provides for efficient removal of the extremely high heat loads – over 100 W/m²  – generated during model presentations. In addition, and also in the interest of visitor safety and comfort, all of the technical equipment needed for presentations is fully concealed and shielded from visitors.

The heat loads are removed via high-performance acoustic cooling panels integrated in the curved interior walls. Climate-controlled exterior air is injected into the presentation space with very little turbulence, via swirl diffusers mounted near the floor and below the presentation stage, as well as in the ramp structure in the exhibit areas. An intelligent control system reduces the air volume to the necessary minimum, in keeping with load and visitor levels.

The pump warm water required for the facility is supplied by the network of the neighboring VW plant, via an existing district heat connection.

The building is equipped with a fire alarm system, an intrusion detection system and a public address system. All sprinklers and loudspeakers are concealed within the ceiling; this ensures they do not detract from exhibits. All areas of the facility are monitored by smoke detectors, and the building's false ceilings and the exhibition area are equipped with a smoke aspiration system that detects fires at very early stages. All conveyer and ventilation / air conditioning systems are connected to the fire alarm system via a fire control system.

Exhibits are brought into the area via a hydraulic car lift that, when not in use, is concealed under a cover that closes smoothly at floor level.

The grounds of the facility are monitored 24/7 by high-resolution IP dome cameras.

photos: © HG Esch, Rendering: © ZWP Ingenieur-AG

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