Research & Development Center Huawei in Hangzhou | China

Customer: Huawai Technologies Co., LTD Huawei Industrial Base, Bantain Longgang, Shenzhen, China

Architect: Henn Architekten, München

Net costs, building services €: 100,000,000.00

Project period: 2007 until 2008

Services: Planning and site supervision sanitary engineering, sprinkler and fire protection technology, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, electrical engineering, communications engineering, lift technology, measuring and control technology, building control, ground pipes, exterior drainage,  building automation, kitchen with cold storage room

The new development for „Huawei Technologies“ in Hangzhou, China, offers a workspace for approx. 8,000 employees on a gross storey surface of 225,000 sqm.

The whole property comprises 6 research centers with 35,000 sqm each, a canteen with 36,000 sqm for 8,000 persons, an underground car park with 120,000 sqm and two administrative buildings of 10,000 sqm each. The planning called amongst other things for:

  • transformers with a total power of 40 MA
  • air-conditioning system with a total air flow of 3,000,000 m³/h, 22 MV cooling capacity
  • 10 MW heat generation
  • comprehensive sprinkler system for all buildings
  • gas extinguishing system in the data center on campus

Site supervision was carried out by teams in Germany and Shanghai. After completion of the detail design phase, the planning was continued by ECADI (one of China’s major engineering companies).

Photo: © HG Esch

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