LuxConnect DC2, Bissen-Roost, Luxembourg

New construction data and communication center in Bissen-Roost DC2

Customer: LuxConnect S.A. Luxembourg

Project management: LUXCONSULT S.A., Ingénieurs conseils, 21, rue Glesener, L-1631 Luxembourg

Architect: CBA Christian Bauer & Associès Architects

Project period: 2009 until 2012

Net costs, building services €: 42,000,000.00

Services: Planning and monitoring, sanitary systems, sprinkler systems, heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems, cooling systems, electrical and telecommunication systems, conveyance systems, building automation systems, gas-extinguishing systems

In January 2009, preparations were made for construction of a new data center in the north of Luxembourg. This work follows upon our commissioning of a first data center at the Bettembourg location, where an addition is currently being furnished. Because the building owner, Luxconnect S.A., was impressed with the work of the working group ZWP / Goblet Lavandier & Associés in the DC 1 project, we were also awarded the planning contract for the DC 2 project, oriented to completion of a first construction phase in December 2011.
The building is divided into a fronting administrative tract, with gross floor space of 4,837 m² (basement to 3rd floor), a construction phase 1 data center with about 8,900 m² of floor space and a construction phase 2 data center with about 8,600 m² of floor space. All in all, a total of 10 server rooms, ranging in size between 317m² and 216m², are being built (and covering the spectrum from Tier II through Tier IV).In keeping with its dependency on rental capacity utilization, the project has been divided into two construction phases. In Phase 1, only 6 server rooms and an administrative facility are being built. In general, only highly efficient systems are being used, such as cooling units with a COP > 10 and scalable UPS units will efficiencies of up to 99% (Masterguard, Trinergy).

Images: © Solveig Böhl (ZWP Ingenieur-AG)

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