City Center Bergedorf (CCB), Hamburg | Germany

Customer: FUNDUS FONDS - Verwaltungen GmbH & Co Immobilien-Anlagen Objekt Havixbeck KG

Architect: LP 1-4: gmp, von Gerkan Marg und Partner, Aachen | LP 5-8: Architekturbüro Utz Burchard Dipl.-Ing. Architekt, Köln

Net costs, building services €: 8.144.000,00

Project period: 2007 until 2010

Services: Planning and monitoring, sanitary systems, sprinkler systems, heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems, cooling ceilings, electrical and telecommunication systems, conveyance systems, building automation systems, main drainpipes

The new City-Center Bergedorf (CCB) is a commercial property that was built along the square in front of the railway station in Hamburg's Bergedorf district. It was designed as an expansion of a shopping center dating from 1973. The building has retail space on the ground floor and 2nd floor (about 40 specialty stores) and office space on the 3rd and 4th floors. The facility has an outdoor main entry, as well as an entryway from the underground garage located directly below the facility. The heart of the building consists of a mall that extends throughout the entire length of the facility.

The new building has been harmoniously integrated within an ensemble of other buildings. A bridge leading over the Serrahn River, and connected to the building, provides a link to the old City-Center Bergedorf.

The ventilation systems for the building's shops and office space meet all requirements of the applicable ordinance relating to the construction and operation of stores (Verkaufsstättenverordnung). The building contains both food and nonfood areas, and the food areas are equipped with separate ventilation systems. Sprinkler systems are integrated throughout. Rental units are equipped with their own gas and power meters. Relevant data are collected via M-Bus-based systems.

As part of its planning services, ZWP integrated all of the buildings in the ensemble, via standardized software interfaces for automation systems (meeting OPC interoperability standards), with a planned new control center. The building has a gross floor area of about 33,000 m². Its cooling power requirements amount to about 1,400 kW. The facility's ventilation systems move approximately 240,000 m³/h.

Images: © Solveig Böhl (ZWP Ingenieur-AG)

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