Systems simulation

In addition to being used in thermal simulations, building-simulation models can be used for analyzing planned building systems. To this end, suitable (virtual) models of planned systems are developed. Such simulations focus especially on the areas of energy generation, energy storage and energy distribution.

Systems simulation provides the basis for a wealth of different types of studies and optimizations, including the following:

  • determining how geothermal probes and energy piles influence soil temperatures
  • dimensioning of large-scale geothermal systems for stable, long-term energy use
  • fine-tuning of systems
  • assessing different indoor-climate-control concepts with regard to energy requirements
  • assessing variations in control strategies

Findings obtained via systems simulation enable us – early in the planning process – to optimize systems planning in terms of cost-effectiveness and to precisely calculate the expected consumption costs. They thus enable us to provide a solid basis for decisions by the customer / building owner.


> HDI-Gerling, Hanover
> Umweltbundesamt Dessau
> LVR Klinikum, Essen
> t.i.m.e.-port III, Bremerhaven
> Landsea Nanjing, China