Allianz Insurance, Frankfurt a.M. | Germany

Customer: Allianz Immobilien GmbH, Stuttgart

Architect: HPP Hentrich-Petschnigg & Partner, Cologne

Net costs, building services €: 19,000,000.00

Project period: 1997 until 2003

Services: Planning and monitoring, sanitary engineering, sprinkler and fire protection technology, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, measuring and control technology, thermal and flow simulation

The new development offers a workspace for 2,400 employees on a gross storey surface of over 100,000 sqm. The whole offices are conditioned with building core activation system and additional ventilation. Thus, the necessary cooling in the summer can be carried out by night cooling which is a resources-saving manner. According to the concept of the offices, the workplaces are supposed to be placed close to the windows, bright and ventilated naturally. Air conditioning is not planned. Furthermore, the building comprises a staff restaurant, a cafeteria, vending machine stations and kitchenettes on each floor.

Images: © Sumalowitsch