Owner: CA Immo Deutschland GmbH, Munich, Germany

Customer: Arge Generalfachplaner Campus Freimann ZWP | BPR, Cologne, Germany

Architect: Implementation phase 1: VIERTEL FOUR OANS: Eller & Eller Architekten, Duesseldorf | VIERTEL FOUR ZWOA: 3XN Kopenhagen

Project period: From 2018

Planning of all specialized disciplines in general technical planning: Building systems and services: planning, sanitary systems, heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems, cooling systems, electrical systems, communication systems, conveyance systems, fire fighting technology, building automation
Building physics: thermal building physics, building acoustics, sound insulation, room acoustics Simulation: thermal simulation, flow simulation, daylight simulation, immission protection simulation
as well as special light planning, DGNB certification, structure planning, preventive fire protection, infrastructure planning

On a traditional territory in in Munich’s District Freimann, where the factories of Krupp as well as Reichs- and Bundesbahn have been located with repair shops, the developer CA Immo Deutschland GmbH is currently developing a new office campus, the VIERTEL FOUR. Four office buildings are being built on the site (in the first construction phase, the VIERTEL FOUR OANS and ZWOA), which are grouped around a central square with a high quality of life. The utilization and space concepts of the VIERTEL FOUR as well as the buildings are strongly oriented towards the needs of modern office concepts and today‘s generation of employees. In addition to flexible floor plans for all of today‘s common space concepts, this includes in particular offers for numerous formal and informal workplaces, communication zones and meeting points.

ZWP Ingenieur-AG, together with BPR Dr. Schäpertöns Consult GmbH & Co. KG, with whom there is a cross-shareholding, as the general planners for the VIERTEL FOUR OANS and ZWOA buildings to meet this challenge. For this purpose, ZWP and BPR have founded a joint venture which offers all services of general planning. The client is extensively supervised in the disciplines of technical building equipment, building physics, simulations, special lighting, DGNB certification, structural design, fire protection and traffic planning. In this context, the client benefits in particular from a reduction of its expenses with only one contractual partner for numerous disciplines, the resulting reduction of interfaces and conflict potential, and of course from the bundling of the outstanding and diverse competences of the two partner companies ZWP and BPR.


In order to be able to offer the client a single point of contact, there are regular meetings between the project managers of the individual disciplines. Communication between the joint venture ZWP | BPR and the client takes place exclusively via a few persons.

The general technical planning developed a future-oriented and sustainable energy concept. Providing heating supply through district heating with a primary energy factor of 0.11 and refrigeration through highly efficientcompression chillers with the use of an ecological free cooling and low-GWP-refrigerant as well as the development of a media line circulating the campus to ensure the flexible construction series.

In addition, a variable ventilation concept that goes beyond tenant request of natural ventilation, is intended to offer the possibility of placing decentralized ventilation units. In the depth of a decision model presentation ZWP | BPR already looked at extensive variants and feasibility evaluation to enable the building owner to make the most profounded decision.

The static loads are intercepted by a detailed structural planning as well as optimized usable areas. The traffic planning designed the underground car park in a functional and space optimized manner. The consulting engineering services of our fire protection experts guarantee the security for buildings and users.

Visualizations: © CA Immo